I have trusted DWAYNE WILSON INSURANCE for many years and have never been disappointed with their services.  My experiences have been so positive that I have even felt comfortable enough to bring other members of my family to them.  They strive to keep us up to date on current changes and ways to save money as well.  It is such a big comfort to know they are there for us.  I would not hesitate to recommend DWAYNE WILSON INSURANCE to anyone.
Jan Goodson, September 2015

It really was a good day for us when friends told us about Dwayne Wilson Insurance Services.  It's not always easy keeping up with all the information we need but we know Jennifery is there to help us at any time.  We know they are there for us!
Steve & Sandy Lawing, September 2015

I am writing on behalf of Dwayne Wilson...  After twenty five years of service, I can't express enough how helpful of an agent Mr. Wilson has been.  This office has been very loyal to their customers and a great business to work with.  The entire office is very helpful along with very thoughtful.  It's not often in life that you meet a business who cares about their people like Dwayne Wilson does.  I look forward to continuing my business with this office in the future.  I highly recommend him to you.
Steve Isaac - August 28, 2015

I have had insurance with Dwayne Wilson for almost six years.  What I like about Dwayne Wilson Insurance is the personal touch.  All the staff are very friendly and helpful.  Knowing I can pick up the phone or walk into the Maiden office and speak with Sandy, Jennifer or any of the staff and get a quick response.  It gives me peace of mind knowing there are still people who care about you and your concerns.  If you don't want to be just a number on a policy, call Dwayne.
Brenda Tolbert - August 28, 2015

Following my layoff seven years ago, after 30+ years as a Human Resource Manager (which included Benefit Management), I knew I needed professional assistance for my health insurance needs.

Not only has Dwayne Wilson Insurance given me expert assistance in dealing with medical professionals and insurance companies when it came to health insurance claims, they gave me instructions which resulted in a 30% reduction in my premium...

Their office staff has been an absolute pleasure to works with.  So much so, I  actually look forward to contacting them when an issue has arisen.

I highly recommend Dwayne Wilson Insurance for their professional knowledge as well as their ability to deal with their clients in a warm and friendly manner.
Edd Wheeler - August 27, 2015


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